Community rules and guidelines

Community rules and guidelines

Community rules and guidelines

The CREATE Education Project will be ultimately managing the CREATE Connect platform, however the platform content will primarily be managed by you, the members.

It is important that the platform is kept professional and relevant to all the members, please bear in mind that unlike other social media platforms, this community is intended to be a positive, professional educator community. Although kind, constructive criticism will be welcomed, derogatory or abusive comments and posts will not be tolerated.

The following do’s and don’ts provide some best practice guidelines for using the platform:


  • Stay active, keep visiting the platform and your groups for the latest updates.
  • Ensure that you check your privacy settings so that your posts are only visible to those who you want to see them.
  • Post public content if you think it will be of benefit to the wider community members.
  • Keep posts and comments relevant to the audience and professional at all times.
  • Contribute, if you have experience or knowledge that can help to answer someone’s question, please comment on their posts.
  • Share good practice, ideas and experiences.
  • Make recommendations to others if you have good experiences using a particular product or service.
  • Report any unsuitable posts and comments for example abusive or inappropriate content.
  • Report any users who you deem to not be using the platform in the spirit it has been designed for. For example users posting abusive or inappropriate content, advertising, spamming etc.
  • Take a look at the groups from time to time as new ones will be added all the time and you may find new groups of interest to you.
  • Review the activity regularly in any groups that you are a manager or moderator of and respond to members posts where required. If the group is private, please review all join requests in a timely manner.
  • Delete any groups you have set up that are no longer required or active.


  • Join the community if you are under 18, this platform is intended for adults only.
  • Be afraid to post, this community is designed to help and support one another. No question is a silly question and your comments and opinions are as valid as anyone else’s.
  • Post on topics other than STEAM and maker education, other social media outlets provide the facility to do this. This will help to keep the platform relevant to all members.
  • Publish derogatory, inflammatory or abusive posts or comments, keep it professional at all times.
  • Use this platform for the advertising of 3rd party products or services for personal or commercial gain.