Shaineil Maharaj

About Me

I’m Shaineil Maharaj and come all the way from Australia. Having joined CREATE Education Project, it has been a big change with being in a new country and learning about Education in the UK. From an outside perspective, the number of resources, the content available in 3D Printing for education and all the opportunities they share with their community is such a great platform. 3D Printing in education is a great future skill that will help students in future career opportunities and valued life skills.

I am very privileged to be working alongside the CREATE Education Project as a full-time Marketing Manager. My job consists of creating marketing campaigns for all the educational resources we have available, creating graphics and video content, managing the social media channels, help manage the website with design and backend, and a lot more other things during the day!

It is never a dull moment with the CREATE Education Project and all the new exciting things coming!